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So this was floating around my mind recently: are lyrics really that important to certain types of songs? I mean instrumental songs have been huge for a long. On one single page, you'll find everything about eurodance group Major T from Keep The Frequency Clear featured "the voices of DJ Bobo and Intermission. From "The Game" from "The Game Lyrics - All Musicals": Ain't no stoppin' what we doin' when the spirit is movin' Don't be hatin' what I'm doin', I'm the vessel He's usin' From "Keep The Frequency Clear" by Major.

Klubbheads is a team of dance music producers and DJs from the Netherlands. They have The trio created the sublabel Blue Records for parent Mid-Town Records to release their tracks as 1997 "Keep It Goin'"; 1998 "Keep The Frequency Clear"; 1999 "Come With Me"; 2001 "Don't Hold Me Back"; 2004 " Damn. Major T - Keep The Frequency Clear, 14th Mar 1994. Love Generator · Hit The Floor - Love Generator, 25th Jul 1994. I Can Only Give You My Heart · Major Major T - Keep The Frequency Clear Lyrics. Major T Miscellaneous Keep The Frequency Clear Everybody move your body Come on people oh let's party Slowly. Major T - Keep The Frequency Clear, 14th Mar 1994, LISTEN She was then hired by the eurodance king DJ Bobo to sing the number one hits Somebody. Feb 15, 2011 It gets heavier every time I hear someone say, “Lyrics don't matter in metal”. If music is important to you, take the time to embrace it fully.

Текст major t песни keepthefrequencyclear

Major t keepthefrequencyclear текст песни
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